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Westchester County's friendliest Vape Shop and Vapor Lounge, conveniently located in Port Chester, NY, on the border of Fairfield County, CT 
108 Adee Street, Port Chester NY 10573 ~ 914-481-5476

Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT Vapers: 

Visit the Vape Den, Cherry Vape's first vape shop and vaper's lounge!

Beginner Smokers: Come in and try for free -- find out yourself what it's all about and enjoy the success of switching to vaping!

Experienced Vapers: You'll find high quality US e-liquid, the best mods and vaping gear anywhere (NEVER ANY CLONES!)

CV Vape Den, 108 Adee Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 

(914) 481-5476       ​Open to Adults 18+ Only

Copyright 2015 | CV Vape Den LLC | 108 Adee Street, Port Chester, NY 10573 | 914 481 5476 

Vape Den offers 15% off for active and retired armed forces and first responders -- always! 

Located in booming downtown 

Port Chester, NY -- just 1/4 block from the train station.


Monday - Saturday 12pm-8pm

Sundays Closed.


Cherry Vape's reputation is well known in the e-cigarette industry and vaping community. Established in 2009, Cherry Vape is known for our creativity, product innovation, customer relationships and high standards. We've proudly helped Westchester County and Fairfield County smokers find vaping as an alternative to burning tobacco cigarettes, and now with our vape shop, CV Vape Den, we bring you personalized service for a customized solution that works for you. We only carry the best vaping products -- always geniune from manufacturers we know and trust, plus our own Dream Tips that are made right here in New York.

In addition, Cherry Vape's owners, Chris and Cheryl are very vocal and busy advocates for the rights of vapers. This year already they have testified at numerous state legislative hearings throughout the North East, and they have visited Capital Hill three times to educate our federal lawmakers about the importance of keeping vapor products easily accessable and affordable to smokers. 

          Read about us or visit CherryVape.com.