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Albany Fly-in, SFATA NY Chapter, May 2016.

SFATA Fly-in to Capital Hill, Feb. 2016

Meetings on Capital Hill, September 2014.

CV Vape Den by Cherry Vape features electronic cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, e-liquid and our very special accessories such as our sought after Dream Tips. Our store specializes in helping people navigate from combustible tobacco cigarettes to the exciting new world of vaping.  From starter kits for smokers, to advanced nicotine vaporizers for the experienced vapor, we offer a unique mix of quality devices.

Since 2009, Cherry Vape has been well known throughout the industry for our beautiful drip tips and accessories which are proudly made in New York. Our store features items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world -- from one of a kind authentic mods,  to special reserve Nicter ®

e-liquid flavors, proudly made in the USA of the best quality ingredients. 

Established in 2009, Cheryl and Chris founded Cherry Vape because they personally experienced the remarkable success of switching to vaping, and we've seen it with our family and friends, too. We believe that electronic cigarettes offer an amazing alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

Since then, Chris & Cheryl have worked tirelessly to ensure that vaping remains accessible, and have testified and advocated in many state hearings as well as in Washington, D.C. Fighting for the rights of vapers is the core of Cherry Vape's mission. 

We waiting a long time to open the kind of shop that we knew vapers could call "home." Stop in, enjoy a vape, and realize for yourself what an incredible difference vaping can mean to you!

Letters to Legislators at the Vape Den.

Annual SFATA Conference, Chicago 2015

Opening of CV Vape Den, 2014.

National Vapers Club's meeting with Office of Management and Budget, White House, Dec. 2015